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Pilibustero Holiday Collection 2021
A Collaboration with Marcel Antonio, DengCoy Miel and Therese Cruz

For this holiday collection, local brand, Pilibustero® offers a creative merge of clothing and the fine arts, featuring artworks by Marcel Antonio, Dengcoy Miel and Therese Cruz. In this collaboration, pieces of artworks were translated into pieces of clothing that reflect Pilibustero’s year-end theme, Revolution of 1896.

The different artworks echo the filibustero spirit as shown in the Laban artwork by Dengcoy Miel; Psychedelic and Mosaic Heneral Luna artworks by Marcel Antonio; and Mabini at Bonifacio artwork by Therese Cruz. Rizal’s role in the revolution was highlighted in this collection as the three artists also ended up re-imagining Jose Rizal. The capsule collection consists of t-shirts, pullover, button-down shirts and satchel bags printed with vibrant designs on Pilibustero’s chosen color palette, brown, blue and classic black.

The clothing for this capsule collection is produced in a very limited quantity, each carefully gift packed, that comes with a free limited edition postcard of re-imagined Rizal, wherein each artwork leaves us wondering, whether in an alternate universe, Rizal is a superhero with laser beams coming out of his eyes, ready to defy tyrants on his way (as illustrated in Miel’s artwork, Super Rizal); or Rizal is a man with a stern look, ever prepared for his destiny (as shown in Marcel’s artwork, Laong Laan); or Rizal may just be a simple Filipino cat lover, without his overcoat (as depicted in Therese’s artwork, Pusa at Pilibustero).


Pilibustero Classics

Historical T shirts, depicting faces of the revolution and various significant events that shaped the Philippines.



Hats, bags and facemasks designed to compliment the daily activities of Pilibustero.

Who We Are

Pilibustero was founded in 2020 in Manila, a clothing brand that started at the peak of the Pandemic. a crucial time to sustain the livelihood of Filipino sewers and craft-makers when the economy was crashing. 

Pilibustero offers creative designs that represents FIlipino history and culture through clothing.

Browse our collection and check out available shirts we have in the store.

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