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It's fun and easy to learn how to write in baybayin, the writing system of the early Tagalogs of the Philippines! Learn about the history of a few landmark writing systems in the world and in the Philippines. This book includes exercises to help you become an expert in reading and writing in baybayin. "Discover Baybayin" is written by Leo Emmanuel Castro, the Executive Director of cultural organization Sanghabi. Leo has been teaching about Philippine culture and providing various workshops in baybayin for over 15 years.

Written by Leo Emmanuel S. Castro

------ Long neglected by government and most universities, Baybayin is alive because of people like Leo Castro. He’s been a one-man Baybayin cottage industry, teaching it, demonstrating it, making crafts with it, and producing this practical, user-friendly book. When it first came out, I bought several dozen copies to give to friends and whomever I met who showed an interest in our native writing system. It’s a gift he has bestowed on current and future generations, and one shining reason he can be called a “good ancestor.” - Howie Severino, Broadcast journalist and Baybayin teacher -----

ISBN: 978-971-625-451-8
Published: 2021
Language: English
Age Recommendation: Ages 8+
Pages: 96 Dimensions: 150 x 165 mm

Discover Baybayin

VAT Included
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